About Us

There is VRAtölye between actual and virtual!

VRAtölye is a sub-brand of Dev Prodüksiyon firm which provides services for virtual realities. It produces projects with gained cinema knowledges and experiences abroad for many years by consolidating them with the researches performed abroad.

VRAtölye, which produces projects abroad and in Turkey according to requirements, shows professional and solution oriented approaches to the institutions and organizations’ domestic and foreign target groups. It performs research and developments and design studies for a long term in USA in order to perform better than previously conducted virtual reality. VRAtölye provides current and potential customers of the brands it gives services to create projects which will create awareness, by occupying in the right place and at the right time. It increases awareness of the management of future content production with its experiences at cinema industry by blending 360 videos, movie and projects.
By means of virtual reality and 360 video researches, it does photorealistic and realist visual effects studies to 360 vr shooting with 3D animation and effect specialists. Its studies, which are first in Turkey, are appreciated by leading brands in New York.

Among VRAtölye’s working principles, VRAtölye aims to meet with its customers on honesty floor by availing them in long term. It manages the relationships on honesty floor based on transparency principle by paying special attention to business ethics.

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