Our Team

Our team, which is a specialist in its field; listens, understands you and produces solution. 

VRAtölye’s team, which has energy to reach same goal, positive power and vision, is doing researches to actualize your dreams and produces.


Necmi Yıldırım
Founder of VRAtölye

His adventure started with television program and continued as film maker and film director, his curious and researcher structure directed him to virtual reality.

He completed his knowledge obtained from cinema industry abroad with R&D studies and produced pilot projects in Turkey

While he is leading to team with his solution oriented approach and detailer perspectives, he continues to keep his entrepreneurship soul.

Murat Küllü
VRAtölye Post Production Supervisor

He carried out works in film sector with his education in cinema area. He prepares the obtained videos in the studio like a tailor craftsmanship.

The New York brands appreciate him by means of his performance showed in virtual reality area.

In addition to his cinema career, his curiosity to technology directed him to do studies related to virtual reality.

‘’I’ll do whatever it is’’ is a hoax of Murat mostly using for professional solutions

Emre Ercan
VRAtölye 3D Animation Specialist

He displayed his problem solving skills coming from his engineering to 3D animation, architectural visualisation and design areas. He manages visual effect and animation studies to 360 dynamic shot. He is an expert to create difference in visual area.

Onur Sekmen
VRAtölye Reggae and Editing Coordination

He worked in advertisement and full-length films as director assistant with his education in cinema area. He manages coordination during and film shooting in studio by means of his strong research and planning ability.

He manages unproblematic projects with his problem solving approach.

Anıl Okçu
VRAtölye Editing Operator and Colorist

He worked in advertisement and full-length films as editing operator with his education in cinema area. He professionally edits visual videos with studio perspectives by means of desk-bound creativeness.

He manages the projects with his success of planning and time management skills his showed.


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